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Osteoporosis Prevention with Vitamin D & Calcium

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 18, 2011 - 11:17 pm (2663 views — 384 words)

It is but a common fact that osteoporosis is prevalent among the elderly since they have weaker bones. Because osteoporosis puts bone growth to a halt, bones become weaker eventually, but most of the time this condition can be avoided entirely by taking responsibility before the condition has formed.

A good solution to prevention would be to emphasize Vitamin D consumption to arrest the condition. Understanding the real value of calcium and vitamin D is valuable because people can start early to avoid osteoporosis.

For the past few decades, the main highlight of prevention is centered on calcium rather than Vitamin D osteoporosis prevention. The important thing that people must realize is that Calcium is useless without vitamin D. Having said that, Vitamin D is not that easily attainable due to some challenges posed by geographical location.

Case in point, residents of colder countries are more vulnerable to Vitamin D deficiency since they may not get sunlight during winter. Thus, higher supplementation of Vitamin D osteoporosis prevention is required for people there. Actually, there was a comparative study that compared calcium intake between Asian and European not more than five years ago. The research showed that even if asians consume less milk than europeans, they have better calcium absorption.

This can be simply explained by the fact that asians receive more exposure to sunlight than europeans. Based on this study, Canadian health authorities have set a higher dietary requirement for Vitamin D osteoporosis prevention because their climate and location limits sunlight exposure.

Lack of sunlight exposure is not the only culprit that prevents the body's absorption of calcium. Drinking soda can also produce same effect. Likewise, alcoholism can also impede the body's ability to get the calcium it needs. It would also be good for a person to minimize caffeine intake to enhance calcium absorption. If a person would avoid all of these substances, then they could most definitely absorb a much higher percentage of calcium.

Having a few minutes of sunlight in the early morning can facilitate better absorption of Vitamin D for the body. Why morning? Sun exposure early in the mornings rather than in the middle of the day helps protect the body from harmful UV rays.

Remember, Vitamin D osteoporosis prevention must start early to avoid consequences later in life.