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Create Your Own Smoothie - Weight Loss Shakes

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 19, 2011 - 3:31 am (3153 views — 363 words)

Smoothies are a great addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle. They're good for the body, have no preservatives and are delicious. No wonder a lot of people are turning to smoothie weight loss shakes to be able to jump start their healthy lifestyle. They taste so good that they don't feel like you're drinking something for weight loss.

Smoothie weight loss shakes 'kill two birds with one stone'; weight loss and nutritional needs. They are crammed up with all the possible good and healthy things one can eat in a day, providing your body with necessary nourishment and a vigorous meal. Smoothie weight loss shakes come in different 'shapes and sizes'. With the number of fruits out there, you can come up with your own combination. There are a few things to remember though when making smoothie weight loss shakes:

1. It is necessary to use low-fat milk or yoghurt if you want it to be a weight loss drink. Full cream milk gives you unneeded calories which slow down your weight loss.

2. A smoothie wouldn't be a smoothie without fruits, and fruits are also where all nourishment comes from. Pick the freshest fruits you can find; those that are in season are a good choice since they taste great and cost less.

3. Ice cream and chocolate syrup will counteract this supposed diet drink, so do not use either of the two. The sugar content of those kinds of ingredients will counteract the principle behind this weight loss drink.

4. Do not take it out on the sugar. Smoothie weight loss shakes won't be effective if you add too much sugar to them! In addition, the fruits already bring a natural sweetness which makes the smoothie taste good already.

5. Natural juices could also be used to make a smoothie taste better.

6. You can also add vegetables for a more complete dose of nutrition. Carrots, cucumber and turnips are commonly used, but some people take it a notch higher by adding leafy greens.

These are simple tips that if followed to the tee will give you an effective smoothie that taste great and will yield great health benefits and results.