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How to Make Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shakes

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 19, 2011 - 3:39 am (3762 views — 348 words)

Diet shakes are fast becoming a vital aspect in a weight loss regimen. But not all diet shakes allow you to cut down on calories and supply you with the necessary nutrition your body needs at the same time. This is what meal replacement weight loss shakes are for. As the name suggests, you replace a meal with a shake that is low on calories but high on nutrition. Packed with nutritious ingredients, these shakes are even healthier than most everyday meals.

The good thing about meal replacement weight loss shakes is that they are quite versatile. There are ready made products that offer a variety of flavors to choose from. But if you are the meticulous type, then you can create your own meal replacement weight loss shakes. Remember, these shakes have to be all natural as much as possible, but that rule still allows you to make a number of different kinds of shakes. To make things clear, here are a few rules to follow when making meal replacement weight loss shakes.

Always use on the freshest fruits you can find. This is where the nutrition will come from so pick the freshest fruits you can find. If you have a fruit in mind for your meal replacement weight loss shakes, go and use it. It is advised though to mix it up to have a more complete dose of nutrition.

Second would be to keep the shake as natural as possible. Do not add sweeteners in the form of syrup, flavoring, and ice cream, they will just spike up the low calorie nature of the shake. If you feel like you have to make it sweeter, add as much as two scoops of sugar.

There are those who include protein powder in their shakes, you can also do this as long as you are following a workout routine. Protein is there to help build muscles, but if you are not involved in any type of activity, it can help build more fat.

Organic supplements can also be added to your meal replacement weight loss shakes.