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Highly Recommended Cardio Workout Plan for Beginners

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 19, 2011 - 7:41 am (906 views — 503 words)

Any person who wants to start exercising must have a basic cardio workout plan. The plan should include the duration, intensity and proper form of a movement. However, it would be to your best interest to get medical advice before beginning any type of exercise regimen. This advice would greatly benefit individuals who have to exercise with caution if they have or think they might have a medical condition. Keep in mind that blood pressure can increase during exercise. Here's a sample cardio workout plan for beginners:

1. Stretching exercises- Before doing any type of exercise consider warming up properly for your own good. This warms up the muscles so the body becomes prepared for movements. People who immediately start exercising without proper warm-up often experience body pain after working out. Very typical stretching exercises like reaching your toes, crossing your arms in the opposite direction and stretching legs are good.

2. Walking. At first, walk casually then increase the pace. Try singing while walking until it comes to the point that you run out of breath. This practice can help you determine if you have reached your training heart rate. If you walk with a friend, it becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable, helping you to walk longer without notice. A mile of walking is a good start. The average person walks one mile in 15 minutes.

3. Skipping or Jumping Jacks? Avoid sitting down immediately after walking. Get a jump rope or do ten jumping jacks after walking, or jog in place to cool down your body. Yes, to cool down your body you will do more exercise. It's true!

4. Stretching time. If you want to avoid any soreness or pain, do some stretching after work-out. You can use the same stretching routine at the start of the workout.

Try repeating this basic cardio workout plan on a regular basis. If you can do this for at least five times a week, your risk for heart disease and diabetes can greatly decrease. Plus, you would also lose weight which can be very flattering. Finally, wear the appropriate sports attire when working out to become comfortable. Lastly, make sure you drink enough water or sports drink so you won't get dehydrated.

Important Tip Regarding Proper Hydration

There is no way to force hydration. Proper hydration takes about 3-4 days of consuming around 2 gallons of water each day (just not all at once). If your urine has any level of color to it above a very mild yellow that is not due to a multi-vitamin or medication, you are not properly hydrated. Trying to force hydration by drinking a gallon of water and assuming you are hydrated can lead to more problems. In fact, when you drink too much water too quickly in an attempt to solve your hydration problem, you can cause your kidneys to shut down and you will wind up in a seizure. So if you thought you were going to try to shortcut hydration, think again.