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Easy Home Cardio Workouts for Beginners | Strengthen Your Heart & Body

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 19, 2011 - 7:52 am (966 views — 393 words)

There is no reason why an individual cannot exercise regularly especially when there's home cardio workout. A home cardio workout is composed of simple routines that a homebody or a busy person can follow; hence, allowing them to exercise conveniently. A home cardio workout does not only provide convenience but practicality as well since you don't have to spend money on membership fees. Furthermore, these people are spared from the inconvenience of bringing heavy bags for a workout while travelling. Try these home cardio workout routines that can possibly help you reach your fitness goals in the comfort of your home:

Warming up is a prerequisite to exercise because this makes your muscles prepared for the routines. Warming up begins with jogging in place for around two minutes. It would be better if you can follow up with a jump rope to reach your maximum training heart rate. Since muscles are now warm, proceed to stretching hamstrings, arms, calves, and quadriceps. You can proceed to your home cardio workout routine only when you are done with warm-up.

Sample Home Cardio Workout Jumping Jacks.
If you have noticed this exercise is always used as a basic cardio workout because it effectively conditions the body by increasing stamina. Here's how you can do the exercise:

1. Stand straight but keep your feet together and place your hands on your side.

2. Begin by jumping vertically. The feet must have a distance shoulder width apart while the hands are held above your head.

3. Return to the standing position after repeating for ten times. After a few seconds, just repeat again.

Instead of jumping jacks, it is also good to use a jump rope.

In case you want something more vigorous, try a rebounder or mini-trampoline.

Actually, using trampolines are considered a home cardio workout because they provide less impact to the knees as compared to jogging. Some equipment, like elliptical bike, treadmill or even light weights can also be used to enhance your home cardio workout. The most important thing before starting any home cardio workout is to begin with a proper warm-up in order to be safe.

If you find yourself getting continuous cramps while exercising or stretching (especially stretching, since it is the opposite of cramping), it is more than likely due to a hydration issue, as muscles will cramp easier under dehydration.