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How An Intense Cardio Workout Can Make You Lose Weight

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 19, 2011 - 8:06 am (744 views — 497 words)

Contrary to what many people believe, one of the best solutions to blasting excess pounds would be doing an intense cardio workout habitually. Remarkably, a lot of studies nowadays reveal that a regular cardio workout as compared to intense cardio workout is really not that effective for weight loss. Samples of these activities include jogging, brisk walking or aerobics.

The American Heart Organization as a concerned health entity encourages people to reach their training heart rate during exercise. As an example, if a forty-year old man reaches 50-85% of his target heart rate (approximately 90-153 beats per minute), then he is right on track on the intensity. When this person attains 180 heart beats per minute, then he has fully optimized his training heart rate. This is where low intensity versus intense cardio workout can make a difference.

First of all, an intense cardio workout needs less time to perform but produce better weight loss. The main principle behind this is to attain your maximum heart rate then cool down. One good approach to high intensity training workout is to alternate cardio exercises like cycling in-between resistance training. When this is done properly, your metabolism would shoot up and make you lose weight rapidly. Nevertheless, a highly intense cardio workout can really deplete your energy so you better be prepared. You may even find at the beginning that it is hard to complete a full set of exercises.

Another important fact about maximizing intense cardio workout for fat loss is timing. Hence, the most ideal time to do the exercises is first thing in the morning when the body is still on a fasting state (before breakfast). As much as you can, do not consume carbohydrate rich food that can interfere with insulin sensitivity. Likewise, carbohydrates can interrupt in facilitating weight loss efficiently.

The real deal is to incorporate a circuit training wherein weight lifting is done along with high intensity exercises. Normally, the body would be needing fuel for energy and would draw from stored glycogen.

Finally, never underestimate the value of rest. It is very necessary to rest for at least a day in between exercise routines to fully recover. You would see the results in a short period, and start to feel more energized even though you are temporarily draining yourself of energy in the process of becoming fit.

In order for the body to burn calories and fat, it must use energy. This energy has to be replaced in the form of electrolytes and proper nutrition intake. When you exercise early in the morning before eating breakfast, your body is set to burn calories and fat, and you will find yourself hungrier with each passing morning. If you have an intense workout every single day, you will also consume more food each morning, but continue to lose weight. This is normal. Make sure your diet is a healthy balance of nutrition, and not loaded with junk food, or you will reverse your efforts.