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The Optimum Time For A Beginner Cardio Workout | Early Morning

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 19, 2011 - 8:28 am (1135 views — 364 words)

A lot of people know that a beginner cardio workout can facilitate weight loss by burning extra calories; yet, there are some individuals who do not take the right approach when they want to start a weight loss program. Many people often do their workout regularly on a cardio machine but end up feeling miserable because there is little progress. While they may be diligent about beginner cardio workouts, they're missing other important things such as it being at the right time. There are two key elements for a beginner cardio workout:

1. A beginner cardio workout must start right, but that can only happen if you begin your exercise routine as soon as you wake up. If you don't follow this advice, then you may fail again.

Remember, timing is an important element to lose weight fast. Many people fail because they don't know this.

2. Do short, but very high intensity beginner cardio workout rather than long, slow paced exercise routines to be more effective. A high intensity beginner cardio workout would facilitate faster fat loss than a low intensity set of exercises due to enhanced metabolism even after the workout.

So why is it better to perform beginner cardio workout first thing in the morning?

The body does not receive any food while you are sleeping so it seems like you have fasted for a long period; thus, glycogen is diminished which is a good start for an exercise. When you perform cardio training first thing in the morning, you do not need to expend much energy to get your body working since you have few glycogens to burn anyway.

Because of the low glycogen levels earlier on, it is easier to burn more fat and lose weight than any other time of the day which is really more sensible to practice.

Several studies have shown that performing cardio in the morning results to more fat loss so more people exercise during early morning. People who practice a beginner cardio workout upon waking up will not only lose weight but feel much more energetic for the rest of their working day. Surely, people must try this routine to see the difference.