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The Top Cardio Workout DVDs You Can Choose From

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 19, 2011 - 8:35 am (725 views — 367 words)

Everyone wants to enjoy their workout sessions so they can reach their fitness goals. Usually, cardio exercises are the best alternative to managing weight issues along with other routines. People often resort to becoming a member of a gym or health club. Other people, however, prefer to do it outdoors through jogging or walking for an hour or so. Sadly, some people are interested in working out but their busy schedule would prevent them from doing so. Because of such, many people find it more practical to watch cardio workout DVDs in their homes. Here is a list of some of the popular cardio workout DVDs that are available for you to try:

1. Cardio Fusion. This one is not suited for beginners because the routines are quite challenging. For one, the whole program would last for around seventy-one minutes.

It's really non-stop enough to make you sweat buckets and drive your heart rate upwards. It is a necessity to use step equipment to be able to follow the entire cardio fusion routine. Surely, you would reach your training heart rate for the whole duration of the exercise as you use the step equipment. Fitness trainer Cathe Friedrich is the trainer for this exercise.

2. Your exercise DVDs. You can check the site online and pick any among the hundreds of cardio workout DVDs with low prices. The main site is valuable since it provides a description of the DVD including suggestions for a certain level, indicating beginner or advance. Almost all cardio workout DVDs have similar features except for the type of exercise. If you want to be successful, be persistent and stick to your goals. Some people like to dance while others like contact sport routines like boxing. It is not really that hard to choose a program that you like since there are many cardio workout DVDs.

3. DanceX. Lately, this is one of the most promising cardio workout DVDs that a lot of people like. The trainer, Kenn Kihiu, has been the center of attention by many media programs. People love his low impact but high energy exercises coupled by enticing music. Young or old, people just love the whole cardio workout routine.