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What Kind of Cardio Workout Machine Suits You? Treadmill? Elliptical Bike? Rowing Machine?

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 19, 2011 - 9:20 am (1203 views — 393 words)

You had enough of weight management issues so you finally resolved to take action. You have plotted your schedule to make room for exercise; yet, you need to choose the right cardio workout machine. Most of the time, doctors advise their patients to get some exercise to have healthier bodies.

Now that you have the willpower and resources, it is time to make a choice. One of the main challenges you would encounter is getting the right cardio workout machine amidst the hundreds of choices available today. Definitely, you want to acquire something that could be really useful with your hard-earned money. Problem solved because here's an overview of the most popular each cardio workout machine available in the market today:

1. Treadmill- For many years, this cardio workout machine has been a favorite because it simulates running on a track. The treadmill will always be a favorite because it allows people to exercise despite harsh weather conditions. Besides, the motorized settings make it very convenient to maintain your target heart rate during exercise. Plus, an incline can be added to make the workout really challenging; hence, lose more weight efficiently.

2. Elliptical Bike- A good choice for a cardio workout machine because this minimizes tension on the knees, unlike running on a field. You can either be seated or standing when using an elliptical bike for a long period. If you want to be seated most of the time, be aware of your position since your back can also get hurt especially when using for a long period. There are individuals who would rather use a standing elliptical bike where handles can be held while spinning on the machine. Such aforementioned features make it a practical cardio workout machine.

3. Rowing Machine- The rowing machine is not your ordinary cardio workout machine for beginners. It can facilitate rapid weight loss as well as tone your midsection, arms, and legs as well. Rowing is a hard workout that can easily consume as much as 500 calories per hour. Because of such, the right approach to this exercise is having a good warm-up. Belonging to a rowing team that practices outdoors is really a terrific idea that you can try.

Keep in mind, that any cardio workout machine can help you lose weight as long as you do your routines on a regular basis.