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Homemade Wine Bottles | History & Glass Blowing

Author J. Davis. Published on June 19, 2011 - 12:03 pm (1746 views — 347 words)

Before the invention of bottles, wine was once stored by the Egyptians in clay flasks called Amorphae, but there was a problem with clay. The Clay blends in its own flavor to the wines making it to taste differently. Since then, Romans found a way to blow glass and make wine bottles.

Homemade wine bottles were made in various shapes and sizes ranging from cubes to the ever-popular sphere. Wine ferments equally on the side that's why the bottle structure are in the shape they are today. The original flavor of the wine is maintained in the bottle, that's why it's used so widely today. Homemade wine bottles have made a drastic stretch from the methods before.

How to make homemade wine bottles can be tricky and dangerous. You should have proper training before attempting to make a bottle as this is a very dangerous hobby. Aside from Kiln, a thermally insulated chamber, you should also have a mold for the bottle, a cane which is a special glass that comes in a stick, goggles and blowpipe. Wear your goggles and protective wares as a precautionary measures in making homemade wine bottles. Initially, you have to heat your glass inside the kiln. This is important because it will make the cane malleable for shaping. The homemade wine bottles process is aided by a mold for the bottle and blowpipe once the bottle is hot enough for you to shape. When you are comfortable with the shape of your bottle, you must wait for the bottle to cool. Cooling the bottle can span over a tedious amount of time but the results will be more than satisfying when finished.

Under room temperature, homemade wine bottles are much more appreciated with engravings and labels on it. In the long run, you can provide for your own bottles and molds of many shapes and sizes with your homemade wine labels and homemade wines. You'll be surprised to know that you're up for trading some of your wines. Most importantly, cork should be of present to complete your beautiful wine bottle.