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Rock Climbing Training | Being Physically and Mentally Prepared for Rock Climbing

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 20, 2011 - 1:25 pm (988 views — 352 words)

Rock climbing is a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee although it is not played as an Olympic event. It is a sport that started as a part of the Victorian mountaineering activity in the Alps when it spread in Europe in the latter part of the nineteenth century. From being a necessity to climb the Alps, it was adopted later as a sport of rock climbing in several areas of Europe. It is a sport where the participant aims to reach the summit by climbing up its walls made of natural rocks or artificial rock walls.

Before joining this kind of game, good rock climbing training is a necessity.

A student who attends rock climbing training must possess the familiarity with rock climbing games apart from owning a full set of rock climbing gear which he gained during the training or while playing rock climbing games. He could experience both outdoor and indoor rock climbing training.

For indoor activities, there are rock climbing businesses who build a rock climbing wall to serve as the venue for the sport training or competition. This indoor rock climbing training is good for beginners who wish to venture into this dangerous sport with little training. It is essential that he acquires the knowledge of the several rock climbing techniques from using the rock climbing ropes, how to taut it including the other rock climbing knots that are being used during actual performance of the game.

In rock climbing training, the three functions of the muscles are given much consideration. These include endurance, strength and burst as physical factors. The trainee must concentrate to develop the muscles which he deemed appropriate for his needs as he ascends the wall using his stamina and mental alertness to properly accomplish his goal of reaching the peak of the wall.

The student in his climb to the top must have a keen understanding of his rock climbing holds as his initial shield of protection against fall and some are utilizing their rock climbing clothes as an identifying mark when they venture to go out on outdoor climbing exposure.