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The Necessity of Having Comfortable Rock Climbing Clothes

Author J. Davis. Published on June 20, 2011 - 1:49 pm (1736 views — 373 words)

The recognition of rock climbing as a sport by the International Olympic Committee is a promotional boost as it continues to draw acceptance all around the world. Similar to other sports, rock climbing has its own unwritten rules on rock climbing clothes which is yet to be enforced uniformly.

With the aim of guiding the rock climber, there were suggestions that rock climbing clothes must be comfortable and do not obstruct the movements of the climber as he goes up to the peak while the climber is on his rock climbing training or on the indoor rock climbing wall in a contest. The clothing material should be stretchy and breathable that has the capacity to wick away water from the skin from perspiration. It is similarly advised that the climber must bring an extra piece of clothing for emergency purpose.

Rock climbing clothes are also an essential tool to the climber that will protect him from the harshness of the weather. It is as essential as any other rock climbing gear especially the rock climbing ropes that assist the climber to the highest of his target point. In building a rock climbing wall, the rock climbing clothes are not considered as factors as they have no bearing unlike rock climbing holds that are part of the structure. Even participants of the games or users of the indoor rock climbing wall do not take rock climbing clothes seriously as there are no threats of harshness of the weather within the confines of the gym.

Rock climbing clothes must be of bright colors to identify the members when they are on the actual field outdoor rock climbing trek. Besides being bright in color, they must provide the protection to the climber against harsh weather conditions. Despite the situation that the experts have not much to teach the beginners about the importance of rock climbing clothes, they have a lot of information to share regarding the essentials of tying rock climbing knots. There are four groupings of how to tie rock climbing ropes and under these are 14 individual types of tying a knot. In addition to these data, the rock climbing sport could be similarly learned by surfing the Web for various rock climbing games.