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The Functions of Rock Climbing Ropes

Author J. Davis. Published on June 20, 2011 - 1:53 pm (1326 views — 352 words)

One of the basic tools in the game of rock climbing is the rock climbing rope. Many rock climbing players begin with the rock climbing rope on the starting line in going up the peak of a wall by fixing the other end at the top of the wall. The other end of the rope is tied and held tight by a belayer. This is done both on outdoor and indoor rock climbing training and this rope is the first basic rock climbing gear that is discussed.

The students are trained about the various types of rock climbing knots in simple guide on rock climbing techniques; in utilizing the rope for freedom from harm resulting from mistakes in the indoor rock climbing exercises.

When rock climbing is done indoor, building a rock climbing wall that looks like the natural rocks outside the area. This simulated rock wall could also be put up outside though its function would be limited to favorable weather; not similar when it is indoor, the sport could be played at all times of the day and year no matter what condition of weather there is.

Outdoor activities for this activity requires the best rock climbing holds as well as a balanced body trained both on the physical aspect and mental alertness required in the game. Game participants must possess the endurance, strength, agility and balance with the appropriate mental control of every situation when on the rock climbing wall.

He must have an understanding of his muscles' performances, and must improve his mental prowess to control and settle his fear. The trainee must also bear in mind that too much training is not the appropriate approach since it is harmful when excessive.

The trainee must also be trained and taught on the other functions of the rock climbing ropes besides its uses in climbing. The rope is also normally used in rappelling down from the peak to hasten a quick descend instead of finding another route going down on the other side. Similarly, the importance of the rock climbing clothes is also dissected in every rock climbing lecture.