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Choosing the Best Spray Tan | Avoid Allergic Reactions & Orange Skin

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 21, 2011 - 10:14 pm (1928 views — 298 words)

Spray tans are becoming more and more popular with fair skinned people for it is a safer alternative to sun basking at the beach. To achieve a perfect sun-kissed glow, tanning salons would be the most favorable way to go for most people. The harmful effects of sun bathing would be more expensive eventually because of doctor appointments and treatments ok skin problems, including cancer.

One component to consider acquiring the best spray tan is the color. A great spray tan ensures that the color is not too orange. It should look natural. A spray tan would look naturally glowing like a couple of days had passed after sun bathing from a beach. People who are on a tight budget sometimes choose inexpensive tanners not knowing how bad the color will turn out after application. The problem now would be removing the product from the skin which would take at least a week.

Another factor to consider is the lasting power of the tan and how it fades on the skin.

Some tanners don't have good quality and usually fade away in just a few days. You will want to choose a spray tan that will have a lasting effect on the skin.

A spray tan should be safe and free from harmful elements that could cause skin or health problems. This is very important, most especially for individuals who have sensitive skin. The wrong spray tan would cause skin problems and possibly an allergic reaction, so it is key to be educated and seek advice from tanning professionals.

Furthermore, one of the best techniques to achieve the best tanned look is to exfoliate before applying any product or before going to a tanning salon. This would ensure even application of the tanner and it would last longer.