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Where to Find the Best Spray Tan Salons

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 21, 2011 - 10:19 pm (1155 views — 342 words)

Spray tan salons are getting more and more attention because of the alarming rate of skin cancer and other skin diseases that are linked to excessive sun bathing. A full tanning session only lasts for a couple of minutes and is very fitting for people who have a tight and busy schedule. The best spray tan should possess certain attributes to earn its reputable name. Some people would opt for quality over cost and some vice versa. Some of the factors that you need to look into in choosing the best spray tan salon would be the quality of products they offer, the machines and equipment they have and the attitude of the staff.

The right salon should have decent and up-to-date machines and equipment to ensure that the tanning process will be successful. Some spray tanning salons utilize sprayers that do not produce desirable outcomes because the mist it produces is not super fine. A good hand sprayer will disperse the solution in an even, fine mist that is easily absorbed by the skin. Spray tans that leave the skin with dripping solutions should not be used for it usually leaves a streaky looking tan.

The tanning solution of the spray tan salon is also another factor to consider in selecting the best spray tan salon. The tanning solution should not cause any problems to the skin and should be FDA approved. Being informed about the products that the particular salon uses is definitely important before jumping in the spray booth with them.

The staff of the salon is also one of the reasons why a client would typically go back to that salon. Courteous and polite employees usually get the clients trust and respect for the tanning salon. It doesn’t harm if the staff is also knowledgeable of the tanning process and which would suit best for a particular client. It is always important to assume that these people are professionals but do not forget to be cautious when it comes to entrusting belongings and other important things to them.