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Knowing If Spray Tan Cost Is Worth It

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 21, 2011 - 10:25 pm (1304 views — 382 words)

Spray tans are a great alternative to dangers of basking in the sun at the beach. Even for men and women who are in their early years, sun bathing has been proven to be unhealthy because of the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin. Spray tan gives the same result in sun bathing as well as eliminating the risks of skin problems. Spray tanning, either with the use of a tanning booth or the DIY spray tan can be costly to some.

Cost is one of the problems men and women face who want to achieve a gorgeous new tan.

The cost of spray tanning mostly depends on where the tanning salon is placed and who owns them. Price per session ranges from twenty five dollars to a hundreds of dollars if the tanning salon is places on urban locations such as Beverly Hills. The cost would also vary on the skill of the technician and the method used in applying the product. Manual air brushed tan are almost always more expensive than the booth spray tan and is proven to be more accurate.

Making phone calls to different tanning salons within the region can be an effective way to identify which tanning salon you could afford. Research is very important before choosing a salon to ensure that the products and services they provide are of value for your money.

Spray tanning is indeed a financial commitment, salons usually advise to begin with three sessions to be used in less than a week. After which, the sessions can then be done once every two weeks.

The beginners package usually costs around one hundred dollars for three sessions. As mentioned earlier, the prices would all depend on the location and name of the salon. Other costs would also include purchases of tan extending lotion which is usually priced thirty dollars and above and would usually last a month when applied regularly.

Spray tanning can be expensive at first but the effects of going to the beach to sun bathe could take its toll on the skin and turn out to be more expensive in the long run. This is because of the medical treatments and products that would be needed because of the bad effects of sun bathing to the skin.