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A Glance on the History of Motocross

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 22, 2011 - 12:10 am (1019 views — 371 words)

The exciting sport of motocross is now becoming more and more popular worldwide. This adrenaline-pumping sport was introduced in Great Britain in 1906. The history of motocross further informs us that the First Quarterly Trials of the Auto Cycle's Club is the pioneering lead in the evolution of the sport from trials. It further transformed into the Scottish Six Days Trials that was started three years later in 1909.

The participants of these trial competitions are rated based on the techniques of the riders of not touching the ground and not on his speed while riding his motocross dirt bike across motocross tracts laden with various difficult hurdles. These race tracks could be man-made with the usual cut and fill designs using equipment or natural terrain with negligible clearing works applied. The biker is rated and credits are counted against him every time his feet or body reaches the ground while riding his vintage motocross bike. The scoring rules on this kind of competition is very strict as it is more concentrated on the balancing act of the participant on his motocross dirt bike.

This method of scoring was discarded later and the rules were changed to favor more on the competition of considering the flat out motocross races and the game was at that time called scrambles. Later, when the sport spread to other European countries, the French word motocycletter was adopted and combined with the blended word-cross country thus arriving with the present popular word-motocross.

The game has now found its way around the globe which was first introduced by the British with some Spanish players participating in the early 1900s. This has been the major concern of the big motorcycle manufacturers around the world with numerous motocross stores deployed in every country that promote motorbikes with variable designs of motocross suspension; in fact, most are published on beautiful motocross magazines put up for that objective.

This game is also all over the Internet with several motocross shops online. And if your real love is motocross, you can try and apply your skills on the motorcycle by playing motocross games online and develop those skills in directing your dirt bike in a set-up similar to a real motocross track.