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Ways to Construct a Motocross Track

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 22, 2011 - 12:25 am (1197 views — 433 words)

The challenges and excitement in the sport of motocross depend to a large extent on the design of the motocross track. Its construction is that simple as others would be thinking. After the completion, you will realize it is a trial and error project as you will have to adjust to the ideas of other concerned individuals like the riders; likewise, the research conducted about the plan has to be revised for the further development of the motocross track.

You can always surf the Web since there are numerous motocross games online where you would be exposed to several obstacle courses; hence, you can get some insights and ideas on what types of obstacles you would incorporate in your motocross track. The motocross bikers, instructors, students and other motocross enthusiasts would need a piece of land as the place to use as their motocross track practice ride using their motorcycles; additionally, some small tools and heavy equipment are needed.

The area of the motocross track must not be smaller than a football ground and there are some materials needed to construct it. Some equipment are needed to implement the job like a small road roller, a backhoe for excavation and cutting works as well as loading of dirt and a small dump truck to mobilize the excess dirt to a designated place within the area. Some shovels are basic tools you will need to patch up small spaces or dig a small trench that would put up additional hurdles for the workability of motorcycles’ motocross suspension.

You will need a small dump truck to move some gravel or sand and other dirt which could be sourced within the area. After the backfilling activities, the backhoe could do the spreading and leveling, while the compaction work is done by the road roller. The motocross magazines are also good sources of ideas in the planning of your obstacle course since they come up with regular features of motocross races around the world.

You can also visit some motocross shops online that carry items which have bearing on obstacles courses on the motocross tracks and they could be possible sources of unique idea that you may use in designing your track.

These motocross stores are offering varieties of motocross accessories and dirt bikes and from their designs you might acquire some ideas to revise your obstacles; it could be analyzed further how the most difficult can be put up. There are equally important ideas that you may source from the history of motocross which you can use in the design and construction of your motocross track.