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Tips on Planting a Lotus Flower Seed

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on June 29, 2011 - 4:43 am (929 views — 384 words)

Lotus flowers have giant leaves that are exotic and elegant looking. These flowers can be seen at shallow and murky waters. Lotus flowers would not live on cold temperatures would bloom best at hot weather. This flower floats on water with its leaves and has long thin stems which hold air spaces to keep its buoyancy. Lotus plants are wet plants that are native in countries of South Asia.

Lotus flower seeds have a whole range of varieties. There are lotus flowers that could only be found on specific places besides the usually seen pink and white variation. Ponds are the best location to plant lotus flower seeds for they require lots of water and because ponds have mud or soil that lotus flowers needs as well.

The market offers lots of varieties of flower seeds to be purchased over the counter. Planting catalogs and gardening websites is where an individual can buy quality lotus flower seeds that could not be easily seen in the market. If ever there are lotus flowers available, being able to use its seed from a mature plant can decrease cost and use it for planting.

A lot of tolerance is needed in planting a lotus flower seed. Because of their delicate nature, too much wind and a little cold weather can easily bend and discolor this beautiful flower. In order for a lotus flower to be at its most beautiful, it is important to plant it at a suitable location. Keeping a close eye to the development of these flowers is the key in order to adjust if they need more sun or more water.

In planting lotus flower seeds, it's important to keep the water level at least four to six inches above the top of the soil on the container or the garden pond. Doing this would ensure that the leaves are floating as well as flower would bloom even more. In the cold months, it is best to keep the water hot to make sure that the flower will be fine. Patience is needed in planting this type of flower because it usually take a lot of time before the bloom is actually seen. Letting nature take its own course is another important tip and not dwelling too much on the progress of the flower.