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Useful Tips on Planting Moon Flower Seeds

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on June 29, 2011 - 4:51 am (1524 views — 366 words)

Moon flowers are one of the most beautiful and sophisticated flowers an individual can grow in their home. This kind of plant blooms trumpet-shaped flowers that is most beautiful at night time and would stay open before the sun rises. Even if it is ideal in the evening, they are also good in resisting heat and drought. They are usually grown in trellises, hanging baskets, fences and walls of a garden. They are placed near sitting areas or a location where in the home maker or guests can smell the wonderful scent it produces.

It is a given truth that the moonflower's seed and also its other parts are poisonous in nature. It is vital to be aware and always be careful in handling moon flower seeds to make sure that nothing will go wrong in the preparations for planting it.

Planting a moon flower seed does not need much care compared to other types of flowers. They grow in almost any type of soil just as long as the location is well drained and has partial sunlight. The only important aspect in where to locate the moon flower seeds is that the soil is free from weeds and clods that would make the roots not grow better.

Moon flower seed's outer layer needs to the scrapped out very gently with a sand paper or any scrapping device to remove the covering. After scrapping the moon flower seed, the next thing to do is soak the seed in warm water for approximately eight hours to have it ready for planting.

Planting them is very easy for it does not need a big depth in the soil just as long as the seeds are covered not more than one fourth inch of soil will do its job. Water hoses used in watering moon flower seeds should have a sprayer attached to them. This would make sure that in watering the seed, they won't be washed away with the use of a spray or a bucket of water.

Another tip in planting moon flower seeds is to use liquid plant fertilizer, one or twice in the summer season to ensure that the blooms are healthy and pest free.