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The Advantages of Ganglion Surgery

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on June 29, 2011 - 5:07 am (2075 views — 382 words)

Ganglion cyst is a type of cyst commonly located on the fingers, on the wrist, on the foot, on the knee, on the ankle, or rarely could also emerge on the shoulder, on the spine or on the joints of the hips.

A doctor's consultation is very important, especially when you observe that you have this bulging appearance in any of your body parts. Not all painless bulges are ganglion cysts, but it could be something else such as a benign or malignant tumor, or a bone spur; therefore, a clear diagnosis on this condition is essential. The doctor would almost certainly send you an x-ray report or few alternative kinds of medical examinations so that you could have a well-informed diagnosis than having an educated guess.

A lot of doctors prefer to do aspiration technique for wrist ganglion surgery and foot ganglion surgery, since this is the safest and simplest method in removing the ganglion cyst. The fluid is taken out with the used of an aspirating needle. The needle is inserted into the skin and cyst, and then the fluid will be suctioned slowly. The doctor would sometimes inject corticosteroids after aspirating the fluid to alleviate inflammation on the affected area.

As aspiration technique is known to be the simplest method for ganglion surgery, but when the ganglion cyst is already huge, a lot of surgeons recommend excision. A lot of surgeons would like to ensure that the entire ganglion cyst is removed by injecting a local anesthesia in the area where the ganglion cyst is located, cut the skin to have an access to the cyst, and lastly removing the entire sac and its peripheries. Additionally, if the ganglion cyst is still recurring, the doctors will decide to perform a ganglion surgery. If the entire sac and the peripheries of the cyst are removed and the entire fluid is drawn out, this would stop the cyst to reappear again.

In general, it can be said that most of the time, the ganglion cysts could reappear anytime, but as they're not serious ailment and definitely not life threatening. In fact, ganglion cysts are just a common health problem today, but the technology present in this modern world society has not yet discovered a permanent and life-long treatment for this condition.