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Herpes Information for Partners - What Every Spouse Needs To Know

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 7, 2011 - 12:23 am (1475 views — 430 words)

Genital herpes among couples greatly affects their lives. Both moral and emotional support from one partner could be highly included in the herpes infection management course. For the couples to be fully aware of the disease, they must gain the basic herpes information for partners as part of their treatment course.

The mode of transmission for genital herpes infection is through sexual contact especially if the partner has blister outbreaks. Also, the symptoms and transmission of herpes infection can be asymptomatic for some individuals. During vaginal or anal sexual contact, the HSV II virus is usually transferred from one person to another. In the genital-oral transmission, HSV II is the type of virus that is mostly transferred from one person to another.

In the present study, many countries proposed that 1 out of 5 persons have type II of herpes simples virus. Recurrences for genital herpes are also common among the infected individuals but treatment alternatives are also available today. However, for everybody’s knowledge, this kind of infections is not life-threatening and at the same time there are no long-term issues on the general health of the individual. Sexually active individuals with multiple partners are susceptible to have genital herpes, regardless of race, social class, or gender.

The person who has been diagnosed with herpes infection in the genitals does not mean that he or she is unfaithful to his or her partner sexually. The effects of infections caused by the herpes virus greatly vary from one spouse to another since some of them may have experienced severe manifestations but the other spouse does not even experienced any symptoms at all.

The stigma attached to the herpes information has a great implication to every spouse who has been diagnosed with herpes, and it is very hard for him or her to be honest of his or her condition to his or her partner. Being honest about herpes information will help his or herself to determine on how his or her partner shows support and care.

Despite of the medical condition of one partner have, it is still best to acquire the appropriate herpes information for them to strengthen their relationship and gain faith and trust to each other. Also, it is helpful for both partners to gain understanding and show concern to each other since it is very helpful in coping with the different anxiety both could have experienced. It is very imperative to consult a physician for more details about the medical condition and treatments options especially if the herpes information here is not enough to answer your queries.