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Pictures of Herpes For A More Cautious Society

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 7, 2011 - 12:44 am (1047 views — 415 words)

The different pictures of herpes are sufficient enough for a person to abstain from having unsafe sexual intercourse. In fact, herpes virus is not an issue that must be taken for granted. The entire being of an individual - it maybe in physical or psychological aspect - is extremely affected by the infection brought about by the herpes virus. For you to know more on the different precautionary measures from being infected by herpes virus, continue reading below.

Knowing the essential information about the herpes infection is the best and primary thing to do. Several pictures of herpes and information are posted for every individual to be aware on how the disease is transmitted. Presence of small sores and excruciating pain is common in individuals with anogential herpes. Itching and burning sensation may be present when there is a sore outbreak which commonly occurs for 2-4 days after the contact. This is extremely contagious and can be passed to other individual easily and rapidly by direct sexual or skin-to-skin contact with open sores.

Meanwhile, with the pictures of herpes presented in both genders, it is very imperative to know that the best management is still avoidance of multiple sexual contacts. Don't engage in the sexual contact with an individual who is infected with this disease. Never have sexual contacts with multiple partners. Additionally, it is recommended to make use of barrier devices during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are not total guarantee as a protection against this disease, but it reduces the chances of contacting with open sores caused by herpes.

Additionally, it is advised to seek help from a health care specialist especially if the infection is getting worse just like in several pictures of herpes. The underlying cause of the infection cannot be treated by any medications, however several antiviral medications are given to manage the symptoms and prevent the prevalence of the disease. Right information must be rendered to both spouses since it is really important to test them in order to have early diagnosis and treatment.

Healthy relationship must maintain between partners even if one of them acquired the infection. It is essential however to carry out measures to lessen the risk of herpes infection. It is very essential to abstain from sexual activity especially during the active stage of the herpes infection. Lastly, the importance of condoms during sexual contact must be taken into everyone's account to lessen the risk of infectious transmission.