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The Different Symptoms of Herpes in Women and Men

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 7, 2011 - 12:51 am (35410 views — 381 words)

Herpes virus greatly affects the body. In fact, there are different symptoms of herpes infections present today. The mouth and the genitalia of the person is mostly the affected areas caused by herpes virus. Most of the genital and oral herpes infections are caused by the herpes simplex virus type I and herpes simplex virus type II. Below are the classifications of symptoms of herpes.

Symptoms of Oral Herpes

Male Patients: Burning and itching sensations are some oral symptoms of herpes experienced by men when they drink and eat. Sometimes, they experienced excruciating pain. The transmission of the infections caused by herpes simplex virus starts when there is a blister formation and when fluid leaks from the blisters. Ruptured blisters could become ulcers and trigger throbbing pain.

Female Patients: Gums, mouth, lips, and buccal mucosa , sometimes in the tongue and throat are the areas infected with women with symptoms of herpes. Oral herpes in most women may have internal symptoms which include itching and burning sensation in the areas mentioned. Other symptoms for herpes are fatigue, fever, and myalgia.

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

Male Patients: The herpes virus could also infect the male gentalia (scrotum, penis, and rectum), which the patient could manifest severe pain during sexual contact. With the increasing incidence of herpes in genital area, sexual contact is not any more pleasurable for them. Most of the men with the herpes virus in their genitals could manifest severe pain while voiding.

In Women: Many female patients are asymptomatic when it comes to genital herpes. This is among the sexually transmitted diseases that women are likely to acquire. Symptoms of herpes outbreak can be mild, which many individuals might fail to discern them. Symptoms of the herpes in women's genitalia may include muscle ache, abnormal vaginal discharge, swollen lymph nodes, headache, pain in the lower back and fever. Just like the oral herpes symptoms, herpes in women's genitalia could recur anytime.

So, both men and women could have different symptoms of herpes depending on the affected body areas. Although, treatment options are made available, antiviral drugs could definitely the answer in the recurrences of the virus infections and transmission. Also, transmission of the viral infections can be controlled with the different forms of oral and topical drugs available today.