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List of Stomach Fat Burning Foods for a Flat Tummy

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 7, 2011 - 3:10 am (4589 views — 396 words)

The most difficult part of the human body to tone and build muscles are the abdominals. People have tried all means possible just to strip away stomach fat and build abs- running, lifting weights, crunches, you name it. While exercises can really be of great help to build abs, consuming stomach fat burning foods can enhance the process.

Knowing the right stomach fat burning foods is a good solution; sadly, there are many people who harbor wrong beliefs. Instead of selecting the right type of food, they make the wrong choices that defeat the purpose. This article devotes much discussion on helping you choose the right stomach fat burning foods so you can do it right. Having said that, the diet should be complemented by regular exercise for a holistic approach. The information does not dismiss the value of your exercise program.

The lowly egg yolk is an example of stomach fat burning foods that most people consider as unhealthy. Until today, some people are not fully enlightened about the health benefits of egg yolk after receiving so much bad publicity. The strange thing is that people give so much bad rap about the egg yolk but consume fatty food too. The egg yolk has health-giving vitamins and nutrients. Egg yolk has 18.3 IU of Vitamin D that can't be easily matched by other food sources. It also contains Vitamin A, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium and other essential micronutrients. An egg or two daily is not detrimental to health, hence it can even assist in reducing stomach fat. Eggs are good protein sources that can assist you in minimizing cravings in-between meals.

Unknown to many, nuts are ideal stomach-fat burning foods. Eating nuts can make you feel full since it has fiber and rich in protein too. Consuming a handful of nuts is not fattening; in fact, it helps you suppress appetite due to its fiber content. Instead of chips or fries for snack, grab a pack of nuts.

Whey protein can be considered as stomach fat burning foods. If you feed your body protein rich food, then you are increasing its metabolism that leads to fat loss. Whey protein can also help build muscles especially if you are weight lifting. There are still many types of stomach fat burning foods you can source out. Always research on the net or ask the advice of a nutritionist.