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Mental Health - The Wonders of Memory Improvement Techniques

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 7, 2011 - 5:29 pm (3937 views — 431 words)

Memory is a brain function that entails the storage of information gathered all throughout life. The brain functions related to memory vary from person to person and that is why some are categorized as gifted as opposed to feeble-minded, and with the vast majority having a normal memory.

The two major brain functions are the short term memory (STM) and the long term memory (LTM). The data stored in the LTM can endure the test of time and are thus remembered over prolonged periods. Even the small details of information are remembered once they made it to the LTM. Relevant facts such as telephone numbers, dates of birth of important people, even the alphabet are some examples of those small details. If experiences happened in the distant past, it necessitates extra effort to recall them. On the contrary, STM has a short span and tend to be forgotten soon enough. The information in the working or active memory (STM) are forgotten once they are used.

If it is so desired to improve one’s memory and recall, there are certain memory improvement techniques that are available.

1. For auditory individuals or those who learn faster by listening, a good approach to memorization is by recording the information and listening to it. Different people have different learning preferences, like some learn faster by listening and others by seeing. Memorization is easily achieved these days by auditory learning.

2. Focus on the varied sources information as well as the information itself. Focus does wonders in the speedy storage and recall of useful information. Priorities must be made to decide on which task to attend to first in order not to lose focus.

3. Using acronyms is a memory improvement technique that works quite well. Try to cut down long laws and formulas into short and plain acronyms so you could remember them very well.

4. It is essential to go throughout the material which you gained the same day. This would help you to form the details in your mind in a much better way as well make your memory recollection improve. Revising the subject before coming to your house is a very excellent idea.

5. Frequent working out increases the brains many capacities and potentials. Physical or bodily exercise leads to the oxygenation of the brain. Regular workout has many blessings including improving brain functions.

6. Good sleeping and rest patterns as well help improving one's memory.

These are some of the tools that can be used to develop brain functions. Gathering your guts, wits, and what-have-you, you can focus on memory improvement.