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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery - The Best Treatment Option

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 12, 2011 - 3:07 am (4375 views — 401 words)

Today, a lot of individuals affected with carpal tunnel syndrome are being treated even without any surgical treatment. Many physicians will only prescribe surgical treatment when:

•Non-surgical treatment options have been found to be ineffective after a long time.

•Normal daily routine is already distracted due to the condition. This occurs when there is persistent loss of function on the fingers and hands, powerlessness of the thumb, and disrupted sleeping pattern because of pain at night.

•The patient is prone of having median nerve damage or there is already damage in the median nerve.

The pinched median nerve in the carpal tunnel is also treated with carpal tunnel syndrome surgery. The surgical operations are done by cutting the skin and the ligaments in the top of the carpal tunnel. When the ligament has already been incised, there is a reduction on the median nerve compressions. A benign tumor in the area is also removed, which is sometimes one factor why there is a pressure exerted in the median nerve. The common carpal tunnel syndrome surgery for alleviating symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome involves incising the transverse ligament of the carpal area to reduce pressure on median nerve in wrist. In fact, two surgical techniques is being rendered to alleviate CTS:

•Open carpal tunnel release. This procedure allows the surgeon to have a wide view on the entire tissues especially the transverse ligament in the carpal tunnel which is mostly responsible for CTS. Open surgical treatment incises the palm and wrist, which can cause scarring on the area and needs a long recovery period. As compared to the endoscopic surgical procedure, the open surgery would definitely leave a huge scar on the area. However, there would be minor complications afterwards.

•Endoscopic carpal tunnel release. This needs just a small cut at the wrist (known as a single-portal technique) or cut in palm and wrist (termed as two-portal technique). Only small amount of tissues of the hands are affected in this procedure. This endoscopic carpal tunnel syndrome surgery recovery is faster than the open surgery. In this procedure, the scar will faster heal and the pain is bearable in three months following the surgery. However, there might be increased probability of reoperation following the endoscopic carpal tunnel surgical treatment. After carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, it is significant to keep away from any activities which may have caused the recurrence of the medical condition.