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Several Types of Finches All Over The World

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 15, 2011 - 3:57 am (564 views — 397 words)

There are different and remarkable types of finches all over the world today. Because of the different types of finches, many bird lovers out there find it hard to select finches they really like. Also, bird enthusiasts are unsure which one to pick from the different brilliant and eye-catching colors of these finches. If you want to have one of those types of finches, consider reading the information below:

•Gouldian Finches. Because of its beautiful and remarkable colors, these finches are considered attractive by many bird lovers. These varieties of finches are mostly selected by experienced bird lovers which can really fetch a high price. Today, there are a variety of color transmutations due to the breeding pairs that most of the success bird breeders do.

•Zebra Finches. The types of finches that have attractive-looking, have lower cost, and the easiest species to breed. The females have an orange beak, the cheeks have two black vertical lines similar to a zebra-stripe while males have bright red beak.

•Star Finches. It is easy to differentiate between the male and female start finch because the male has bigger face mask than the female. The features of the male Star Finches are: they have beige to yellow belly, red face, and olive green body. Most of the male Star Finches sing different tunes as they extend their neck and fuzz their feathers on their head.

•Cuban Finches. "Melodious Finch" is the another name for Cuban Finch. These are the native birds of Jamaica, Cuba and the islands close to it. The male adult has jet black color in the face and in the beak, with collar of canary, the chest is as well black and the tail is color gray. On the other hand, the female adult has gray to brown face, light yellow neck, grayish breast, olive green wings and back.

•Strawberry Finches. This is known as the "strawberry" bird since its color has a similarity to the strawberry color wherein it is highly dominant during breeding season. Male Star Finches' colors throughout the breeding season are made of very dark brown-red in their wings, back, and head and color black on the tail. The body has bright red with small white spots. The female also has some small white spots on the wings.

These are just some of the types of finch birds existing all around the world.