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The Essential Characteristics of Lady Gouldian Finches

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 15, 2011 - 3:57 am (1000 views — 416 words)

Lady Gouldian Finches are considered to be among the most beautiful birds. Lady Gouldian Finches is also called "Rainbow Finch" and this is among the vibrantly passerine birds in Australia. These bird species lived in the tropical savanna in Northern Australia's woodlands. But the number of these finches is now diminishing unlike before. It was stated in 1992, that the Lady Gouldian Finches are among the "endangered bird species of the wild".

The male Lady Gouldian Finches are bigger than the females which their length can grow up to six inches. One of the best features of these birds is its wonderful black, green, red, and yellow colors. Normally, the males are yellow, black, red-colored heads, green-colored bellies, and purple-colored breasts, which are highly dominant than the other finches. On the other hand, the young ones have grey heads and necks, while they have olive green in the backs, wings, and tail. Also, they have light brown colors in the undersides and feet. Because of the breeding Lady Gouldian Finches in captivity, there has been a huge diversity of color transmutations developed.

Also, Lady Gouldian Finches are very well behaved similar to other species like Society Finches and Zebra Finches. It is essential to provide them a larger cage since these birds are sociable and most of the time they fly all around. These finches may encounter challenges when presented with a new environment especially when placed in a cage, but these birds are easy to be taken care of. Also, these birds need to do a lot of activities for them to have a healthy living. Cold temperature may as well trigger sickness to these finches. It is not a good idea to apply finger or shoulder training for Lady Gouldian Finches. You can view these birds from a distance and see them happily interacting with other birds. They must always be raised in pairs. As these species of finches are very amiable, a lot of bird lovers out there selected Gouldian Finches as their pets. Breeding Lady Gouldian Finches comes naturally if they are kept healthy and happy by providing clean environment, proper nutrition, mental stimulations such as toys, plenty of exercise and social activity.

Gouldian Finches have a higher cost than the other birds because of its distinctiveness in color and pattern variations. Given that Gouldian Finches are more delicate than the other finch species, it is very important that you have to consult a vet regularly for the well-being of your birds.