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Wild Finches - The Outstanding Species

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 15, 2011 - 4:04 am (3610 views — 411 words)

One of the best leisure time hobbies done by people today is bird watching. Yet, it is very hard to spot wild finches today because of its capability to fly everywhere. It is not possible for you to see them especially if they choose to stay somewhere else that you can’t see them. If ever you see them near you, be fortunate since these finches are hard to find and even spotted in a closer view. Usually, it would be very unusual for them to fly over the city; which is why you only see these wild finches online.

So, here are the different types of wild finches you can find flying or perching in your area.

•Male House Finches. These are types of finches that have red orange color on the head, chest, and shoulders.

•Purple Finches. These birds have red-purple plumage and are not often spotted unlike the ordinary house finches.

•Rosy Finches. You can determine that such are Rosy Finches since their bellies, feathers, and rumps have rosy spots or patches.

•Cassin's Finches. These wild finches inhabit mostly high altitude areas and have the same characteristics with the Purple Finches.

•American Goldfinches. Other terms for these bird species are "lettuce birds" or the "wild canaries". They like to have dry thistles before they eat that's why they were tagged as selective consumers. Among their favorite food are seeds from different flowers like zinnia, hollyhock, and dandelions, which are mostly seen in gardens; so, it is possible for you to spot them there.

•Lesser Goldfinches. These species of bird are typically spotted in America, particularly in the Southwest and West Coast part.

Wild species of finches are so endearing, that you might want to own one. In fact, taking care of these finches are not difficult; you can construct beautiful aviaries and nests for them or give them the food they want like seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables for their health. Also, you need to put forth extra effort in assuring that everything these bird species need is always available. You may also read some books about them and browse the internet if you want know more about the habitats and characteristics of these wild finches.

Regardless of whether you admire the wild finches or the birds in captivity, as long as you like to take care of them, go for it. Certainly, you will be able to think highly of their beauty and magnificence on a closer look.