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HCG Weight Loss Side Effects - What You Need To Know

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 15, 2011 - 4:08 am (851 views — 390 words)

Many individuals today want to acquire easy and quick weight loss solutions. One of the enticing programs today that garners people's attention because of its claims to reduce at least a pound daily is no other than the HCG weight loss protocol. However, the medical health researchers are still studying up to now the pros and cons of the certain protocol for weight loss.

Human chorionic gonadotropin or known as the "HCG" is produced by the placenta during the first three months of women's conception. It can be found in the urine during 12-14 days; in bloodstream, within 11 days after the conceptual phase. Discouraging body fat is assumed to be shed with the use of HCG injections and tablets. Same with other diet plans, it is essential to understand first the side effects of having HCG diet plan. Read on the following HCG weight loss side effects.

Alopecia. Among the common HCG weight loss effects is hair loss or alopecia. Low calorie diet in HCG weight loss plan is believed to require just 500 calories per day. Because of that, the person will have nutritional deficit and could have alopecia. In addition, an individual may have alopecia due to the changes in one's hormones.

Skin rash. This is also one of the common HCG weight loss side effects. For women who are taking HCG weight loss injections, they may manifest some skin rashes and itchiness.

Body Malaise. A very low caloric intake is required in the HCG weight loss plan which results to food cravings of the person. A low caloric intake can cause deficiency and lead to several conditions such as headaches, light-headedness, and body malaise or weakness. Some other major HCG weight loss side effects are water retention, depression, and problems in blood clotting factors.

Pregnancy. Water retention, edema in both hands and feet, and breast tenderness are some of the symptoms seen in pregnant women which are also evident in people taking HCG diet plan. This life-threatening condition would include the following symptoms - nausea, excess urination, vomiting, breathing difficulty, as well as weight gain.

Now you have a complete overview of possible HCG weight loss side effects. Additionally, these side effects are subject of many studies nowadays. With that, the most excellent ways to lose weight are lifestyle change, regular exercise and healthy dietary habits.