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Creative Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For A Bride To Be

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 22, 2011 - 8:24 am (570 views — 320 words)

A beach wedding is always exciting and refreshing. The wedding can possess elements of the beach such as the sand and clear waters in tune with the couple's liking. A beach wedding centerpiece can be created through many different ways. Creating a beautiful beach wedding centerpiece can be achieved even if the couple has a very limited wedding budget. Putting beach elements to the wedding centerpiece doesn't need to be rocket science, just a little creativity can do the job. Either casual or formal, the things needed to make the wedding piece can be found on your neighborhood craft store.

Beach wedding centerpieces can use glass vases and cylinders for a unique and sophisticated look. Glass cylinders creates chic and trendy feel to any table decoration. A modern and unique wedding centerpiece using glass containers can be filled with different thigs such as fresh flowers, beach ornaments, sand, sea shells and other things that can be associated to the beach. Adding floating candles to the glass containers can set a romantic mood and drama to the wedding reception. For outdoor beach weddings, the candles should be well below the top of the cylinder and for a more sophisticated look, different sizes of cylinders should have different heights of water in them. Another glass idea is placing tinted water over a fish bowl while adding fresh flowers that are in season.

Orchids and other wild flowers can also be used as a beach wedding centerpiece. Base of the beach wedding centerpiece can be raw looking materials or things that are nature inspired. The engaged couple will save on a big chunk of money by seeking help from local florist on which orchids to use that would best resemble the wedding color theme.

The beach wedding centerpiece should not contrast the wedding and color theme. It is key to make the centerpiece match or compliment the colors used in the wedding reception.