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How to Make a Floating Candle Wedding Centerpiece

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 22, 2011 - 8:26 am (627 views — 305 words)

Couples who have a limited wedding budget can achieve a sophisticated and unique floating candle wedding centerpiece for the wedding reception. Creating a floating candle wedding centerpiece involves using fairly cheap materials and supplies. Using the couples creative side and effort could create a beautiful wedding centerpiece that could impress the wedding guests.

Creating wedding centerpieces with the use of candles are very famous with stylists and brides. The wedding theme can use some candles to add a dash of flair to the table decorations. Having a beach wedding would involve incorporating beach elements such as sand and seashells to the floating candle wedding centerpiece. Winter themed weddings that need additional touches could use glass crystals and white orchids to the floating candle wedding centerpiece. This type of wedding centerpiece could be done in numerous ways. It is vital to keep the elements used sophisticated and not contrasting with each other.

Craft stores and home improvement shops are a great place to buy supplies in making a floating candle wedding centerpiece. Choosing the right container is very important most especially if the wedding reception is done outdoors. Using tall glass containers and assuring that the floating candles are placed at the bottom would keep them lit on a windy day or night. Antique and novelty shops are a great place to find unique bases for the floating candle wedding centerpiece. After finding the right vase or cylinder, choosing the fillers to put in them is the next process. There are many option and varieties to fill up a floating candle wedding centerpiece, such as flowers, stones, gems, crystals and small ornaments. Shedding light to the centerpiece could also create a romantic feel to the wedding reception. To do this, put small light under or around the container of the centerpiece to achieve a beautiful effect.