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Winter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for a Winter Themed Wedding

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 22, 2011 - 8:31 am (2493 views — 313 words)

A wedding done in the cold winter months is a beautiful theme to pull off. Many ways could be done to bring the beautiful weather in the wedding reception decorations. One element to use would be creating winter wedding centerpiece ideas that would not contradict with the holistic feel of the wedding. The materials and colors used for the winter wedding centerpiece ideas should complement the other decorations at the wedding reception. The key is to keep the table decors compliment the other decorations at the wedding reception.

A winter themed wedding can use winter topiaries as a wedding centerpiece at the reception. This type of table decor will achieve a beautiful effect when the right color schemes are used. To achieve a sophisticated look, use dark and gem liked colors with white tones in making a winter wedding centerpiece topiary. Colors that could be seen outdoors in the winter time could be used as inspiration.

Another technique is to use floral arrangements to create a winter wedding centerpiece. Choosing flowers that are available in the winter season that resembles the colors of the season is not only cheap but creates great drama to the table. The wedding centerpiece can use colors such as gold, silver and white to create a sophisticated look to the wedding reception.

Achieving a winter themed centerpiece can also use candles and lighting products to create a beautiful mood to the wedding reception. Using varying candle sizes placed in lanterns or vases is easy to create and inexpensive. Using candles as table decorations is almost always used by people who are planning a wedding because it is simple and elegant.

Glass figures and crystals could also be used as winter wedding centerpieces. Frosted ice is what the glass and crystal ornaments look like, so lighting the reception place dimly and illuminating the ornaments would achieve a beautiful centerpiece.