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Female Infertility: Solutions Are At Hand

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 30, 2011 - 9:35 pm (1787 views — 381 words)

The ability of a woman to bear and nurture children has always been strongly associated to womanhood. Its very meaning is substantiated and proven by maternal instinct. In many cultures around the world, history proves that a woman’s role in society and in life was once regarded merely to give birth and care for the young. It is therefore understandable why female infertility is so dreadful and frustrating for women.

What is female infertility? Female infertility is a medical condition where a woman could not bear children. It may be caused by physical obstructions, hormonal complications, environment and stress. An alarming symptom of infertility is repeated miscarriages. Other symptoms are physical deformations leading to blockages of the fallopian tubes, and irregular ovulation.

A woman who is not fertile would have an idea if she is not ovulating. This could be done in three ways. Begin with the use of body temperature during the early hours of the day with a basal body thermometer that must indicate higher reading on the second half of the monthly cycle. Likewise, the shifting levels of the sexual hormones impinge changes in the appearance of the vaginal mucus. The third approach can be done by testing for the adequate or positive (+) levels of ovulation hormones that can be determined using an OTC ovulation predictor test.

Results indicating infertility would have to be verified by an obstetrician-gynecologist by doing additional tests. The tests that can reveal infertility are: the checking and removal of fibroids, scars and growths through surgical procedures called hysteroscopy and laparoscopy; the checking of the sizes and shapes of uterus (cavity and lining) and fallopian tubes through ultrasound; the use of x-ray with tracer dyes to determine any unusual observations.

Female infertility is more than just a medical case affecting the body but must be given attention for its possible effects on the psychological and social states of the woman concerned. It can lead to many psychosocial complexities as a woman feels inadequate and useless. Unattended, these may lead to further sexual dysfunction, marital problems, mounting of stress that could lead to depression and emotional breakdowns. It is critical to give this matter a priority because solutions are at hand to give the woman and her husband the chance they so desperately want.