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Infertility Diet: An Option To Try

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 30, 2011 - 9:35 pm (1850 views — 410 words)

Infertility has many causes. The environment, structural deformities and hormonal problems are some possible reasons for infertility. In order that the organs in the reproductive system would function normally, the aberrations in the structures must be corrected by surgical procedures. With regards to other causes, these could be handled by way of other prevailing, known treatments such as the use of infertility diet.

It is a known fact that unhealthy diets may cause many kind of medical complications including hormonal problems leading to diseases like goiter and diabetes. With the inadequacy in the levels of sex hormones, there is a good chance that a reproductive system cannot also produce healthy eggs and sperms. It may be concluded therefore that diet is related to infertility in a way. This logical thinking is supported by some findings in the research conducted in Harvard by Chavarro and his reasearchers. Along with the results of a study by Dr. Price and Dr. Brewer, these findings formed the foundation of The Fertility Diet book that recommends ten changes in the diet and lifestyle to improve fertility and pregnancy as well.

A scrutiny of the recommendations contained in The Ferility Diet and other infertility diets available would reveal that they are all about shifting to a healthy diet highlighting the preference for organic, chemical-free sources of nutrients. Other valuable suggestions include:

* Shift from trans-fats to unsaturated fats;

* Do not avoid carbohydrates, shift instead to slow-digesting carbohydrates;

* Shift from animal to vegetable protein;

* Take of a glass of whole milk, ice cream, or yoghurt every day; and

* Target an ideal weight and body form.

Capsule supplements of superfoods must also be included in the infertility diet. The natural superfoods are: the bee derivatives –bee pollen and bee propolis that supplies protein better than beef and treats inflammation respectively, maca that is effective in hormonal problems, spirulina, wheat grass, chlorophyll and leafy vegetables as the provider of many valuable vitamins, minerals and nutrients and royal jelly which is also from the bee and is responsible for the longevity of the bees and their immense fertility laying approximately 2,000 eggs each day.

When after a productivity workout no medical explanation to infertility is found, or medical solutions are just very much beyond what a couple can afford, what can be done to achieve pregnancy? There is always hope; maybe it is time to try the infertility diet that is naturally healthy, safe and free.