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The Magic Called Acupuncture For Fertility

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 30, 2011 - 9:40 pm (1773 views — 401 words)

Our body can be likened to our home where we seek comfort and ease. A great functioning home is only expected out of an organized environment. There is a movement of energy flowing freely from one room to another. Dysfunctional and diseased are the expected consequences when analogous structures-house and body- have chaos and disorder within. Such is the goal of acupuncture for fertility.

Acupuncture is an old, traditional approach to healing. On certain pressure points of the body, very thin needles barely penetrating the skin are placed. What the Chinese do is to give focus on very vital organs like the heart, liver, kidney and the reproductive organs. Think of these organs as rooms in your home. So that movement from room to room will not be encumbered, blockage must be eliminated. With acupuncture, removal of any blockages in the body’s system would allow the body’s energy or chi to move about easily and do its work of cleaning and creating a healthy environment for the body to function as it should. Acupuncture for fertility has been sought by many husbands and wives to help them in their quest for procreation.

Based on a German study in 2002, modern day treatment like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is combined with acupuncture; it can be done 25 minutes before and after IVF transfer of embryo. It was observed in a German study that use of acupuncture can improve chances when combined with IVF; IVF success can be improved from 26 per cent to 42.5 per cent. In the same study, ovulation problem for women requires more intensive treatment like about 30 acupuncture sessions in three months. Ovulation was observed to have marked improvements in approximately 35 to 48 per cent of the trial participants. For men who went through acupuncture treatment of twice a week for five weeks, clinical results showed marked improvement in their sperm count in comparison to those who did not get any acupuncture treatment. Inspite of these positive observations and increasing popularity of acupuncture in relation to fertility, doctors still caution patients about spreading it in the context of being a guaranteed method to treat infertility.

Considering the various physical, mental, emotional and financial stressors confronting childless couples, acupuncture sessions would surely go a long way in relieving the tension. With chi doing its thing towards a more organized home, acupuncture for infertility might just work its “magic”.