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What Is Infertility And How It Affects the Body?

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on July 30, 2011 - 9:40 pm (679 views — 380 words)

Soon after a marriage, a couple is frequently asked by people they know why there are still without a child. That same worry has definitely disturbs them even if people will not ask. A union with a child is blessed. As a matter of fact, being childless in certain societies is a taboo which is now being disregarded as foolish. Nevertheless, the deep wanting to feel love and happiness in nurturing a child is there like an instinct.

What is really the meaning of infertility? In plain language, it means the inability to procreate or the failure to reproduce. It means that the man could not make the woman pregnant; or that the woman could not be impregnated or even if she does, she could not bring it to full term due to miscarriage. For pregnancy to occur, there should be enough mature and healthy sperms to race against each other as they go for the goal, an ovum or egg ready to be fertilized.

From a man or a woman’s perspective, what is infertility? It can happen to both-due to genetics, some health problems or environmental conditions. What healthy eggs can be expected if the ovaries are diseased or dysfunctional? For women, infertility may be caused also by blockage in the fallopian tubes that will prevent its descent to the uterus for implantation; this could be related to presence of scars brought about by infection, surgery of the pelvis, endometriosis and fibroids. For the males, the infertility could be related to erection problem of the penis, abnormal testes leading to a mark down in the number of sperm or immobility of sperm. Issues pertaining to the effects of environmental factors such as stress, alcohol, smoking, unhealthy diet can affect both man and woman. For women, the weight and age factors play very significant roles in female infertility. Women who do not get pregnant despite contraceptive-free sexual intercourse for a year (for women younger than 35) or six months (for women older than 35) are technically infertile based on an infertility guideline.

What is infertility that brings about misery and despair to couples? No matter what the causes, a typical couple would almost always strive to undergo various treatments to have a child because it brings wholeness to a relationship.