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How to explain basic electronics for kids

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on August 20, 2011 - 7:46 pm (1053 views — 380 words)

Almost all of our devices and consumer appliances are composed of electronic components. Ipod, PDAs, mobile phones, game consoles and kitchen appliances are normally built from electronic components using circuits design.Even young children would find electronics very stimulating because it matches their creativity and interest. Their interest comes from curiosity making basic electronics for kids easy to teach. Before children can proceed to application, there are concepts that they need to know about basic electronics for kids.Start using teaching these simple concepts:

Circuits- The circuit is similar to a train track that leads to a terminal. Electricity flows through the circuit which has a starting point and an end point known as terminal. There are two kinds of terminals -positive or negative.Remember this simple concept: negative electrons seek positive electrons. Circuits affect how electricity flows and the direction it takes. When one bulb gets damaged, not all Christmas bulbs are affected, right? That is an illustration of how parallel circuits work. For that matter,there are different kinds of circuits,but the most typical ones are simple, series and parallel.

There are two different currents : alternating current (AC) and /or direct current (DC). The big difference between the two is that a DC directs electricity in only one direction. Classic example of this is a battery which has a head and a bottom that must be properly placed to work well. Residential homes have AC because each room must have power source for appliances. It is much better than DC where only the battery is used as power source. Avoid using a DC plug into an AC outlet.

Mainly used to control the flow of electricity. You flick a switch to open the circuit electricity flows and the light opens. Similar to switches, the fuse is also used to regulate the amount of electrical current flowing in a circuit. As soon as extreme power surge is detected, the fuse blows thereby stopping power as safety measure.

Resistors and inductors
These gadgets also regulates the flow of power mostly in consumer electronics gadgets. Normally,resistors have insulation ( a cover for wires like rubber). Inductors function mainly to change direction of the current for AC devices.

Basic electronics for kids is good because children can be induced to perform basic experiments.