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Why electricity and basic electronics are inseparable

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on August 20, 2011 - 7:48 pm (633 views — 375 words)

Aside from those powered by dry cells, all of our gadgets,devices, tools and equipments nowdays run using electrical energy. From consumer electronics such as kitchen appliances,mobile phones to electric cars,all run on electricity. Likewise, these appliances or equipments consists of electronic components put together to entertain people or assist them in tasks. Truly, electricity and basic electronics always go together. Electronic devices would be useless without power. Certainly, the best model of mobile phone is useless without any power!

Magnetism, electricity and basic electronics

We have learned from science that electrons freely move around atoms all the time. Mainly,electrical charges cause such activity on the electrons. These charges posses their own electric and magnetic fields. You would learn that magnetism plays an important role in electronics. Electricity and basic electronics always include the subject magnetism all the time.For example, electricity must flow through insulated wires made solely from rubber material. Most often, rubber is the choice of insulation material since it can efficiently conserve the energy flowing inside wires. Additionally,this prevents occurrence of short-circuit that happens when live wires touch one another.

Electrical fields is another concept that people interested in electronics must understand.There is always an electric field as well as magnetic field surrounding an electric charge. The naked eye cannot detect any of these fields, but it can surely be measured by some tools.

The importance of wattage in electricity and basic electronics

Another important concept in electricity and basic electronics is about watts. A watt is technically defined as the International System unit of power equal to one joule per second. In practical application, wattage settings like the radio's volume can greatly affect the loudness. However, appliances that have high wattage also consume a lot of electricity. The louder you turn the volume of your radio, the more power it consumes. Thus, if you know the realtionship between watts, electricity and basic electronics, it can make you an informed consumer. It helps you arrive at well-informed decisions when buying consumer appliances since you can save money on bills.

When you are familiar with basic electricity principles,you can easily understand how electronic devices run. Whether an individual is a consumer or a hobbyist, knowledge of these principles can provide benefits in practical application.