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How Bench Press Chart Affect Your Workout Routine

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on August 20, 2011 - 7:56 pm (822 views — 311 words)

It has been known that bench press is popular in the fields of weight lifting and bodybuilding . Each weight lifter should have the toughest bench press possible. In this form of bodybuilding, bench press chart assists the individual to maximize the bench press strength.

The bench press chart has the weight of the bench press typically. The weight of the bench press are estimated on the values of max rep if you make use a specific bench press weight . For your bench press, the bench press chart estimates it one repetition max. To give you an idea over your next repetition lift, this chart will provide you of the answers. The guide takes your current bench press weight amount and number of repetitions that you can still take from the said weight .

Bench press chart is used for

Say that for 8 repetitions, you will bench 185 lbs . By the 8th repetition, you barely get that round done without anyone spotting you . You take a good look into your current bench press weight through the chart. The bench press chart will show you the value of the bench press weight which intersects the number of repetitions.

The repetition max value of 8 intersects in the bench press chart from your bench press weight. It represents a rough value of 1 repetition .

From the different strength of an individual, the bench press chart should only be sued as a guide on benchmarking. The maximum bench press should be first provided before you commence on bench press. It will be a helpful tool to monitor your progress during the period of your training.

Press yourself and see just how much weight you can press in a one set of repetition . Improvements on your work out can be noticed with the help of your bench press chart.