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Listening To Lucid Dreaming MP3s

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on August 22, 2011 - 9:34 pm (472 views — 400 words)

The ability to be aware that you are in a state of dream is called lucid dreaming. If you can muster to have lucid dreams frequently, then the next thing you would do is to master the skill of controlling images, scenery that would break the confines of the law of Physics and social constraints. There are a lot of lucid dreaming techniques that are being offered and at times, you have to incorporate lucid dreaming gadgets to strengthen your mental-training. An example of this gadget is the lucid dreaming MP3s that contain binaural, isochronic beats, and subliminal messages that aid you to be conscious of your dream state.

Binaural beats that are the content of lucid dreaming MP3s would really help you with your meditation skills, and you can see the results immediately as you become consciously aware of your dream state. By listening to these beats, you can be hypnotized through sound and as a result, you would be placed in an altered state of consciousness.

The lucid dreaming MP3s that contain binaural beats are the proof that sound technology reduce the internal brainwave frequencies in turn, the level of your consciousness. The deep meditation MP3s permits you to easy access to altered or different states instantly by gently guiding your intern brainwave frequencies to your desired environment. Such beats work by playing two separate frequencies in each ear, for instance, 130 Hz on the left ear while the right ear has 136 Hz. The brain would then try to balance the difference of the two frequencies thus creating an internal frequency of 6 Hz. Thus the theta frequency occurs, it is the state of still alertness and dreaming.

You would notice the amazing effects of the lucid dreaming MP3s on the mind and the body. The body would feel the following effects when listening to lucid dreaming MP3s. The brain would be stimulated to produce vivid visualizations, color and patterns while the body is heavy and relaxed. The conscious and the subconscious mind would then separate thus feelings of total relief from anxiety and stress would rush into the brain. You might feel a sensation of flying due to sedation or total weightlessness.

Lucid dreaming MP3s, in conclusion play a major role in achieving both lucidity and controlling its dream environment. They play an important role because brainwave entrainment can help control your dreams effectively and efficiently.