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Retelling Lucid Dreaming Stories

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on August 22, 2011 - 9:34 pm (719 views — 508 words)

These days, everybody seems to be interested in lucid dreaming. The blockbuster hit movie “Inception” brought about this wave of inquiries whether one can truly control their dreams and alter its environment. Lucid dreaming is being aware that you are in a subconscious state and controlling and altering the dream environment for whatever purpose the dreamer wishes. Upon realizing that you are aware that you are dreaming, you can control, change and create an environment in the dream world similar to that of Ellen Page’s role as the Architect in the aforementioned movie.

Upon seeing the movie, it turns out that people also have similar experiences and they would narrate and share their lucid dreaming stories. If you browse through websites about lucid dreaming stories, you will find people sharing their dreams of flying, encounters with their dream dates, and even activities that violate the laws of Physics and social constraints. It can be sheer ecstasy for experienced and trained lucid dreamers but for beginners, they should be aware that there is a dark side to this practice.

Lucid dreaming is a doorway to controlling the subconscious mind. For a beginner, it is unfamiliar territory for a wakeful person and once one tries to control the subconscious stage without the proper mental preparation, it can lead to confusion and terror for the brain. Lucid dreaming stories like these have a darker and grim side.

A great example of lucid dreaming stories that goes beyond dreaming is the movie, Nightmare on Elm Street. This lucid dreaming story is all about children who have are dreaming in the beginning and then ended up having nightmares when the character Freddie Kreuger, played by Robert Englund is introduced in the picture. Freddie Kreuger is a character from hell that ends up killing them in their subconscious state and for the sake of suspension of disbelief, also in the real world. Such experiences can be considered as lucid nightmare tales. Once a lucid nightmare is introduced, it is harder to control it.

If you awaken and the vivid imagery of the nightmare keeps on repeating in your head, the chances of the conscious suggesting the story to be repeated in the subconscious is a strong possibility. The brain is now subject to suggestions and memories that the subconscious state might pick up and it may manifest again when you sleep. Lucid dreaming is used to counter nightmares but in this case the reverse effect is occurring. It would take a lot of effort and dedication to master lucid dreaming techniques to control your fear considering the feeling is real, but the danger the dream it poses is not. This is the important hurdle that DiCaprio has to overcome in the movie Inception when his wife played by Marlon Cotillard, plays the role of the nightmare that keeps on repeating and he has no means or any idea how to stop it. What a lovely lucid dreaming story, perhaps that is why the movie is nominated for best picture in the 2011 Academy Awards.