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The Purpose Of Lucid Dreaming Masks

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on August 22, 2011 - 9:34 pm (519 views — 370 words)

Lucid dreaming is having knowledge that you are in a state of dream. Lucid dreamers use this skill to control their dreams, deal with their anxiety and fears, and at time use it to learn more information. To be able to accomplish lucid dreaming, you must be diligent and patient in training and following the techniques. Though there are techniques available to help you achieve lucid dreaming, there are times that you still need items such as lucid dreaming masks to induce lucid dreaming.

The different kinds of aid for lucid dreaming range from drugs, vibrating devices, biofeedback mechanisms, tone generator and lucid dreaming masks. Lucid dreaming mask are more reliable according to lucid dreamers. Not only they are biologically unobtrusive; they can also induce natural lucid dreams. Some of the lucid dreaming masks that are manufactured are incorporated with other lucid dreaming gadgets, for instance the tone generator so it can achieve maximum results for the user.

The lucid dreaming mask is designed to inform the person that he or she is dreaming by detecting when he or she is in the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. There are LEDs inside the lucid dreaming mask that would light up when the person enters the REM stage of sleep. The light would help the person realize that he or she is already dreaming. Lucid dreaming can happen numerous times on an average night sleep because the brain goes through four to five REM cycles.

The lucid dreaming mask would detect the person is already in the dream stage and then it would flash LED lights that the eyelids can see. The lights imitate the natural flashes and tracers that happen when you are falling asleep thus waking you up and make you aware that you are already in the dream stage.

The lucid dreaming mask would complement other lucid dreaming gadgets and techniques. While other people prefer tapping their auditory cues for them to begin lucid dreaming that is why their lucid dreaming masks incorporate tone generators.

Lucid dreaming requires diligence, patience and a lot of effort so it can acquire this skill. It’s a good thing that there is hope for this lucid dreamers wannabes through lucid dreaming masks.