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Falling Sand Games - War of the Hell, World of the Sand, Hell of Sand, & more.

Author J. Davis. Published on May 21, 2011 - 3:27 am (9319 views — 591 words)

Need something to do to waste time at work? Heres one. Falling Sand Games from Dofi Blog. Introduced in 2005 they first emerged by way of a Fark thread. The games are popular on link sites like Digg, etc. There is a whole series of these games from World of Sand, Hell of Sand and "Sand Sand Sand". Later came Quick Sand Hell, This Is Sand and many others. The premise is really simple you are given different material to draw on the board and the different materials relate to each other the same way the do in real life, so for example if you draw an element of wood and then draw fire the wood will burn, then if you add water it will put the fire out.

War of the Hell
The first in the series was called War of the Hell it really wasnt a sandbox game but it is important to know about War of the Hell because the other games took a lot of features from this one. In this game you control an elastic string and attempt to fling the souls that cling to the string up to heaven. There is a counter that keeps up with how many you have saved and there is a maximum number of souls for each chain. There is no time limit.

To play War of the Hell visit:

World of Sand
World of Sand was the first in the installment of Falling Sand games. It includes four main falling particles: water, oil, sand, and salt. Each element has special properties that can be controlled. Some of the properties that can be manipulated are burning, growing, eroding, etc. there are also alternate environments like wall, fire, plant, wax, spout, eraser. By combining these you can really enjoy the construction of the systems. There are also special features that can be turned on or off like a slug that you can pour salt on.

To play world of sand visit:

Hell of Sand
Hell of sand was released about a year after World of Sand. It combines the best of the two previous games. It even came with a version for larger screens. In Hell of Sand the souls cling to a rolling ball and you attempt to help them into heaven. Like the other games there really is no point except its a fun time waster that really uses your imagination.

To play hell of sand visit:

Sand Sand Sand
Sand sand sand is the third installment of falling sand games. It integrates the best elements of World of Sand and Hell of Sand. You can play with a lot more elements than the previous versions. "Sand Sand Sand" has a fresh interface and ads Seed and Ground as new elements. When Seed meets Ground a tree will grow and eventually grow leaves, the leaves drop to the ground and collect below and then you can add fire and burn then all up. There are zombie characters you can destroy, trap, or just throw around the screen. Once again there is no real strategy its just a fun time waster.

To play sand sand sand visit:

These days there are a whole host of Falling Sand games like Pyro Sand, Sand Sand Sand 2, Falling Sand 2, Quick Sand Hell, This is Sand, etc. They all have the same basic premise and are all extremely fun time wasting games that I encourage you to check out sometime!