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Trying To Find Out What Is Lucid Dreaming

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on August 22, 2011 - 9:34 pm (427 views — 427 words)

Do you have inkling what is lucid dreaming about? What is lucid dreaming and its goals and aims and what is its effect on the conscious mind? The following explanations and suggestions would hopefully aid the inquisitors about their questions on what is lucid dreaming.

Is anybody interested to know what is lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming is being aware that you are awake while you are dreaming. Frederik Van Eeden referred to the world of lucid as mental clarity is attributed to the one who coined the term lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming, it’s definition is different from the level of stages of lucidity. The moment the dreamer realizes that he is in a dream state, lucidity usually begins. When the consciousness is in a high state, the person then would realize that everything is just in his or her head and he or she could awaken in bed.

There are a lot of interested people who ask what is lucid dreaming and what are its benefits. There are people who even ask why should they have lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming has a lot of advantages, and the mere fact that the laws of Physics does not apply in the dream state, making all things possible is already a sizzling appetizer of things to come. Lucid dreaming is attractive to people especially those who are fond of fantasies and adventures and are intimidated by social constraints. Lucid dreamers initially have flying as their common lucid dreaming sensation, and they like this so much because of the sheer excitement of freedom and ecstatic bliss.

People think that this is a form of therapy where they can build confidence, build creativity, and it is the answer to what is lucid dreaming. People use lucid dreaming, as one-way to combat fear, brought about by nightmares. In the dream state, the feeling of fear and dread is real but the danger it poses is farce. Lucid dreaming is altering the frightful environment and images through the use of the conscious mind over the dream state. If you can master this, you can rehearse success for your conscious state. Lucid dreaming can bring about problem solving, creative thinking, healing and transcendence. The mind is used to inspire, heal and even question the sense of purpose in life.

In conclusion, the answer to the question what is lucid dreaming can be sum up as the ability to be aware in the subconscious state and with that awareness, comes the ability to control and alter the dream state to suit whatever purpose the dreamer desires.