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An Introduction to Mystery Shopper Jobs

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on September 1, 2011 - 4:16 am (614 views — 364 words)

A large number of individuals are applying for mystery shopper jobs because they assume that the tasks are quite easy. Truth is, mystery shopper jobs demand attention to details so it's not that easy as many think.

To begin with, the industry for mystery shopper jobs is very competitive. Normally, too many people are applying for mystery shopper jobs every day. Even if market research agencies need people for mystery shopper jobs to improve their services, ther are just too many applicants to process. Additionally, some seasoned mystery shoppers have already gained credibility for themselves in the industry.

It is also crucial to know that mystery shopper jobs cannot provide full-time employment as well as steady income. The nature of the tasks given vary and the reports are also evaluated to see if they are useful at all.Most of the time, companies look for reliable information from mystery shopper in the form of a narrative report that must be complete. Sometimes, companies prefer individuals who do not have a background of an industry. Companies need people who would perceive things as a normal consumer.

In most cases, individuals who work for mystery shopper jobs as hired as independent contractors and not as regular employees. People hired in mystery shopper jobs are only paid fees once they have done the assigned task. Being a mystery shopper entails having some tools that would make the job easy,among them are:

* Reliable Transportation
* PC with internet connection
* Cell phone
* Digital Camera
* Timepiece
* Credit/Debit card that can accept charges of several hundred dollars
* Access to a fax machine
* Paypal Account (almost all companies pay via Paypal)

The aforementioned things are important to make a mystery shopper's life more convenient. Paypal is necessary to accept payments while plastic cards are used for transactions. Expenses would be reimbursed anyway by the company.It would be also great if you have a stop watch to record the services rendered by employees such as waiters in a restaurant. Mystery shopper's reports must contain important details all the time. Legitimate mystery shopper jobs are good sources of extra cash as long as you do the tasks faithfully.