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Interested in how to become a Restaurant Mystery Shopper?

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on September 1, 2011 - 4:16 am (680 views — 389 words)

A mystery shopper is a person hired to enter a business and act as a customer People become mystery shoppers in order to evaluate businesses and give the information to the company that hired them. A restaurant mystery shopper must evaluate the facilities, food, and staff of the restaurant they have been hired to work in. What use is the information that mystery shoppers uncover? Why do people choose to become a restaurant mystery shopper?

Many things can convince one to become a restaurant mystery shopper. It allows a person to do something important while having fun at the same time. Business owners need mystery shoppers to evaluate their business. In business, critique is always important. Criticism is always an important thing to learn from if you run a business. The information a mystery shopper can bestow on a business owner can change their business completely.

When one becomes a restaurant mystery shopper it opens up a doorway to fun learning experiences. Most people who become a restaurant mystery shopper memorize a script. A good mystery shopper learns how to play dumb. While working, a mystery shopper needs to pay attention to detail and take notes on everything.

How to become a restaurant mystery shopper:

•Do not be obvious when you take notes. Write them down in the privacy of a restroom.

•Be cautious when you apply for a job in a company.If you make over $500 from a specific company within a period of one year, they can send tax forms to you.

•Accept the job ONLY if you are able to file a full, informative report.

•Most reports are due within 24 hours of being assigned the job. Many companies require promptness!

•Bring a watch that can measure how long you need to wait in line.Many companies want to know that kind of information.

•Make a new e-mail account. When you become a restaurant mystery shopper your inbox will be flooded with updates.

•Sign up for a Paypal account. •Register for a Paypal account. •You will need to register for a Paypal account. Many companies pay your services through Paypal. Companies pay for your services through Paypal. If the company asks for your account information then you might be falling for a scam!

•When you become a mystery shopper you have to pay close attention to detail!