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Mystery Shoppers Employment: How to Get Into the Right Companies

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on September 1, 2011 - 4:16 am (424 views — 373 words)

Nowadays, many people are very interested to become mystery shoppers.Being a mystery shopper is quite exciting because you just visit establishments as a regular customer and get to earn some cash. The primary reason why mystery shoppers are hired is because companies want to measure how good their customer service is to the public. In most cases, companies that benefit from mystery shoppers employment are those involved in the service and retail sectors like hotels, banks, restaurants, hospitals and similar businesses. Typically,these companies that focus on service would solicit the services of market research companies that provides mystery shoppers employment.Becoming a mystery shoper is easy especially if you follow some of the practical advice listed below:

1)Investigate the background of any company claiming to provide mystery shoppers employment. Tons of mystery shopper jobs can be found online as posted by hundreds of agencies. Unfortunately, majority of such advertisements come from fraudulent sources looking for victims. These sites would e-mail you and ask for a placement fee just to become a member of their site. Later, you realize that you were ripped-off because the data you got can also be retrieved online for free.

2) Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) at mysteryshop org is a credible source of data that provides a listing companies engaged in mystery shoppers employment.The list you can access from the site is helpful since it contains a directory of companies that currently seeks mystery shoppers. MSPA is a credible organization, if you are part of their mailing list then you can get updates.

3)Try to visit mystery shoppers website's forums. This is a good place to find valuable tips and advice on how to become an expert mystery shopper. Help educate yourself through reading materials like e-books and articles to learn the ropes of the trade. List down possible tools you need such as stopwatch, camera, audio recorder and means of transportation that you need to be able to carry out your tasks. Enhance your writing skills because companies normally require a well-written report that can provide them good feedback.

These mystery shoppers employment tips can help you a lot in searching for good companies. Nonetheless, due diligence on your part would greatly enhance your success in this field.