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Ways to Become an Online Mystery Shopper

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on September 1, 2011 - 4:16 am (473 views — 387 words)

Most people believe that mystery shoppers do not exist online Do to the amount of offers available, it is easy for one to become an online mystery shopper. The greatest link between both offline and online shopping is the excitement that it provides! When an online mystery shopper tries to gather information about a company they do not need to go to the sales establishment. They just act like customers and gain their information online! If you want to become an online mystery shopper please read the tips below!

•Do not worry about spending a single cent! The businesses are the ones looking for your help so they will be the ones paying you. They need your input to become better at what they do. Ignore any e-mails that tell you that you need to pay a fee, it’s a scam.

•When you become an online mystery shopper you are given an assignment. It will be paid for after the work has been finished. Before one becomes an online mystery shopper they are given a training assignment. Paid assignments tend to be one hour long but training assignment can take half the time. Paid assignments generally assign tasks such as testing the site’s search features and contacting the company’s customer service through e-mail or phone call.

•When one has become an online mystery shopper he or she will receive a steady income similar to that of an offline mystery shopper. Expect to receive your check any time between 2-3 weeks of your assignment. The online mystery shopper should be able to receive their checks between 2-3 weeks after completing their assignment. Instead of receiving foreign currency an overseas worker can receive payment through Amazon gift cards or other forms of payment.

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